Friday, September 09, 2005

New on Eric

ERIC is pleased to announce the availability of a substantial amount of new 2004 and 2005 content.

During early September, in time for the new school year, ERIC loaded approximately 20,000 new records for users to search, including more than 19,000 bibliographic journal records from more than 300 current journals, and more than 1,000 ERIC documents.

Approximately 9,000 of the new journal records are partially processed, providing searchers with useful information even though abstracting and indexing work is not complete.

All of these partial records will be fully processed in the near future. You can identify a partial record by the yellow tag indicating "In Progress" under the title in the search results. Please continue to visit at, as new content will continue to be added weekly throughout the year.

By the end of September 2005, ERIC will offer citation-management capability enabling users to organize lists of citations and create bibliographies and references in different citation styles. The feature will be compatible with widely used citation-management software such as EndNote.