Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Honors Projects

The following honors projects have been added. All circulation copies are shelved in the cataloging department until circulation in the new system goes live. Copies of each of these are also available in Special Collections in the College Archives under the classification T HONORS PROJECT.

016.7846 P293c - Payne, Catherine. A Computerized Bibliography of Piano Preludes Based on Hymn Tunes to Correlate with the 1975 Baptist Hymnal. (1988)

155.418 H736c - Holmes, Jennifer Lynn. A Comparison of Teacher Awareness of Prosocial Behavior in Schools with Different Systems of Reward. (2005)

202.118 M247a - Matlack, Jason I. Assessing the Problems of Soul-Making: A Study of the Critical Responses to John Hick's Theodicy. (2005)

230.6132 Ax56c - Axley, Amanda Whitney. Controversy Surrounding the Baptist Faith and Message. (2005)

235 B812i - Brown, Andrew. Is Privatio Boni Enough? Walter Wink's Alternative to Augustine. (2005)

254 F924s - Frohock, Kyle D. A Study of the Universal Management Model as Applied to the Local Church. (2005)

372.976882 P214c - Pare, Amanda L. A Case Study of the Benwood Schools: An Inner City Model. (2005)

378.768924 R623h - Roegner, Deborah. A Historical Analysis of the Psychology Department at Carson-Newman College. (1988)

519.54 An23a - Anderson, Christopher Eugene. An Analysis of Maximum Likelihood. (2005)

541.372 D332i - Day, James C. Ionization Studies of Alkalies: W Values and Emission Spectra. (1988)

782.27 H865a - Huckaby, Tessa L. As Long as the English Language Shall Be Understood: A Retrospective Evaluation of the Hymns of Charles Wesley. (2005)

791.436561 W124p - Waggoner, Brian S. Perceptions of Psychotherapy in Popular Film. (2005)

812.6 H143a - Hall, James Adam. American Values. (2004)

888.4 L942k - Lovelace, Diana J. "Kept from Knowledge": Contemporary Novelists Challenge Plato's Theories Concerning Thought Control. (2005)