Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Greenwood Press Database Trials through October 31, 2007

See a librarian if you are interested in trying out any of these:

Greenwood Digital Collection (their entire ebook collection some of which we already own) - http://ebooks.greenwood.com

Daily Life Online Series - http://www.greenwood.com/dailylife including:Daily Life through History, World Cultures Today, World Folklore and Folklife, Daily Life American

American Mosaic Series - http://www.greenwood.com/mosaic including:African American Experience, Latino American Experience

Authors4Teens - http://www.authors4teens.com

The Reader's Advisor Online - http://www.readersadvisoronline.com

Index to Current Urban Documents http://www.urbdocs.com

Praeger Security International Online - http://www.greenwood.com/psi "Praeger Security International Online (PSIO) is a one-stop source for information on terrorism and security, covering regional security, humanitarian and peace operations, weapons of mass destruction, armed forces, intelligence, military history, defense and national security, and military affairs. ... The Chronology feature is terrific. You can specify a date range and link it to a location and/or keywords. ...PSIO covers an area of vital interest, and researchers are clamoring for more material on this subject. ...The Bottom Line Praeger Security International Online is recommended for comprehensive collections serving serious scholars in politics and government." —Library Journal