Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shape and Shaping of the Psalter

McCann, J. Clinton, Jr., ed. Shape and Shaping of the Psalter. Sheffield, Eng.: JSOT Press, 1993.

Call No.: 223.206 Sh22m

Publisher's Description: The nine essays in this volume originated in the discussions of the Psalms programme unit of the Society of Biblical Literature and a number were first presented as papers at the SBL meetings in 1989 and 1990. The volume documents the growing interest among scholars in understanding the book of Psalms not only as a collection of liturgical materials from ancient Israel and Judah but also as a coherent literary whole. Part I considers the nature and significance of this new approach; it contains essays by J.L. Mays, Roland E. Murphy, Walter Brueggemann, Gerald H. Wilson and David M. Howard, Jr. Part II illustrates the application of this approach and offers preliminary conclusions concerning the shape of the Psalter and its component books; it contains essays by Gerald H. Wilson, Patrick D. Miller, Jr, J. Clinton McCann, Jr. and David M. Howard, Jr.

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