Friday, January 11, 2013

Visiting the National Archives

When we think of the National Archives, we often think of the building in Washington, D.C., but did you know that there is also a facility in College Park, Maryland in the District of Columbia area that houses a portion of the archives as well as regional locations throughout our country. The nearest facility to us is in Morrow, Georgia in the Atlanta area.  The library has received updated brochures on several of the facilities in our Government Documents collection.

AE 1.113:18/2012
Visitor's Guide: The National Archives Experience

AE 1.113:45/2012
National Archives at New York City

AE 1.113:49/2012
National Archives at Kansas City

AE 1.113:81/2012
National Archives at St. Louis

AE 1.113:52/2012
National Archives at Seattle

AE 1.113:60/2012
National Archives at Anchorage

AE 1.113:51/2012
National Archives at Riverside

AE 1.113:50/2012
National Archives at Fort Worth

The first sentence of the Fort Worth brochure is worth repeating. "There is no digital substitute for the experience of holding an authentic historical record."  If you've never done so, consider visiting one of the facilities when you are in the area.