Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Books - September 13

The new book shelf is located in the alcove to the right of the entrance to the library. New books remain on the shelf for approximately 3 months or until they are checked out. Reference books, special collection books, and replacement copies are generally not placed in this area.

Today's additions are:

Burchill, James V. et al. Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills: Stories and Legends. (Rutledge Hill Press, 1993) - 133.1097582 G346

Das, A. and Ferbel, T. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics. 2nd ed. (World Scientific, 2004, c2003) - 539.7 D260i

Waltz, Carolyn Feher; Strickland, Ora Lea; and Lenz, Elizabeth R. Measurement in Nursing and Health Research. 3rd ed. (Springer, 2005) - 610.73072 W197m

Harland, David M. The Story of the Space Shuttle. (Springer, 2004) - 629.441 H226s

Language Culture Type: International Type Design in the Age of Unicode / edited by John D. Berry. (ATypI, 2002) - 686.224 L269

African-American Poetry of the Nineteenth Century: An Anthology / edited by Joan R. Sherman. (University of Illinois Press, 1992) - 811.5091 Af83

Hurrell, John D. Two Modern American Tragedies: Reviews and Criticism of Death of a Salesman and A Streetcar Named Desire. (Scribners, 1961) - 812.5209 H941t

Herr, Christopher J. Clifford Odets and American Political Theatre. (Praeger, 2003) - 812.54 Od3h

The Magic of Shirley Jackson / edited by Stanley Edgar Hyman. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1966) - 813.54 J138ma

Walker, Alice. "Everyday Use." Edited and with an introduction by Barbara T. Christian. (Rutgers University Press, 1994) - 818.54 W151e

Milton and the Grounds of Contention / edited by Mark R. Kelley, Michael Lieb, John T. Shawcross. (Duquesne University Press, 2003) - 821.47 M643k

Beckett, Samuel. Murphy. (Grove Press, 2002, c1957) - 823.914 B388m

Kinghorn, Joseph. The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn. Compiled and edited by Terry Wolever. vol. 2. (Particular Baptist Press, 2005) - 922.642 K591l v.2

Something About the Author: Facts and Pictures about Authors and Illustrators of Books for Young People. Vol. 157. (Thomson Gale, 2005) - R 928.082 So54 v.157

Horstman, Lisa. The Troublesome Cub in the Great Smoky Mountains. (Great Smoky Mountains Association, 2001) - J 599.784 H788t