Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recent Additions to Special Collections

These items have been added recently in special collections.

BAPT 230.61 H596w
Who interprets the Bible for Baptists? / E. Glenn Hinson.
BAPT 234.1 N388b 2002
By His grace and for His glory : a historical, theological, and practical study of the doctrines of grace in Baptist life / Thomas J. Nettles.
BAPT 261.7 W152r
Religious liberty and church-state separation / J. Brent Walker.
BAPT 262.061 P657i
Issues testing Baptist polity / William M. Pinson, Jr.
BAPT 266.609 Ob6c
Challenges confronting Baptist missions / William R. O'Brien.
BAPT 280.973 M46h 1961
Handbook of denominations in the United States.
BAPT 286 So8
Annual of the Southern Baptist Convention.
BAPT 286.09 Sh93c
The crafts of preaching and writing Baptist history / Walter B. Shurden and Wayne Flynt.
BAPT 286.09 T445
Ties that bind : life together in the Baptist vision / Garry Furr, editor.
BAPT 286.173 B617w
Women's place in Baptist life / Carolyn D. Blevins.
T 305.805074 W729w
Walking toward the sunset : the Melungeons of Appalachia / Wayne Winkler.
T 355.3709768 W153m
Military history of the Tennessee Army National Guard : honoring Delta Company 1/278th ACR, Loudon County / by Jess Walker.
T 378 Ap5
The Appalachian
T 398.09769 R542s
Sang Branch settlers folksongs and tales of a Kentucky mountain family [by] Leonard Roberts. Music transcribed by C. Buell Agey.
T 398.209756 R542i
I bought me a dog, and other folktales from the southern mountains.
T 398.209756 R542n
Nippy and the Yankee Doodle, and more folk tales from the Southern Mountains / collected by Leonard Roberts.
T 398.209756 R542o
Old greasybeard : tales from the Cumberland Gap. / Collected and annotated by Leonard Roberts illustrated by Leonard Epstein.
T 398.209768 T857t
Tennessee legends : an analysis in terms of motifs, structure, and style / by Robert Randolph Turner.
T 398.209769 R542s
South from Hell-fer-Sartin Kentucky mountain folk tales.
T 784.1975 Ir9m
Musical instruments of the Southern Appalachian Mountains / by John Rice Irwin.
T 818.52 St92j
A Jesse Stuart reader.
T 818.52 St93c
Jesse Stuart's Kentucky.
T 917.68 M764d
Down to earth - people of Appalachia / by Kenneth Murray. Foreword by Ambrose Manning afterword by Helen Lewis.
BAPT 922.673 P926h 2002
A hill on which to die : one Southern Baptist's journey / Paul Pressler.
T 929.2 W110a
My bones are red : a spiritual journey with a triracial people in the Americas / Patricia Ann Waak.
T 974 H191
A handbook to Appalachia : an introduction to the region / edited by Grace Toney Edwards, JoAnn Aust Asbury, Ricky L. Cox.
T 975 H617m
Melungeons : the last lost tribe in America / by Elizabeth C. Hirschman.
T 975.574 Ad23h
History of Wise County, (Virginia).
T F St92he
Head o'W-Hollow.