Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attu Boy

Book description from cover: Nick Golodoff was six years old when the peaceful life of his remote Aleutian village was interrupted by an invasion by the Japanese army on May 7, 1942. As soldiers poured into Attu on foot, shooting, Nick his in his neighbors' barabara, or sod house. The Japanese occupied Attu for two months before taking the Unangan occupants of the village to Otaru, a city on Hokkaido. Over the next three years nearly half the Attuans died of disease and starvation, among them Nick's father, brother, and sister. Nick's memoir tells, through a child's eyes, the story of that extraordinary and tragic experience, and reflect on his life in Atka after World War II. This book is well-illustrated and can be found in government documents at I 29.2:AT 8/2.