Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary

Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary Series. Macon, Ga.: Smyth & Helwys.

Call No.: R 220.7 Sm96

Thanks to the generosity of Kenneth Dean, the library has a new set of Biblical commentaries. This set is still being issued as volumes are completed so we will continue to receive volumes until the set is completed. The volumes received to date are:

v.3 - Leviticus-Numbers by Lloyd R. Bailey
v.4 - Deuternomy by Mark E. Biddle
v.7 - 1 & 2 Samuel by Tony W. Cartledge
v.8 - 1 & 2 Kings by Walter Brueggemann
v.10 - Job by Samuel E. Ballentine
v.12 - Proverbs-Ecclesiastes by Milton P. Horne
v.14A - Isaiah 1-39 by Patricia K. Tull
v.15 - Jeremiah by Terence E. Frethem
v.16 - Ezekiel by Margaret S. Odell
v.17 - Daniel by Sharon Pace
v.18A - The Book of the Twelve: Hosea-Jonah by James D. Nogalski
v.18B - The Book of the Twelve: Micah-Malachi by James D. Nogalski
v.19 - Matthew by Ben Witherington III
v.20 - Mark by R. Alan Culpepper
v.21 - Luke by Richard B. Vinson
v.23 - Acts by J. Bradley Chance
v.24 - Romans by Charles H. Talbert
v.25A - 1 Corinthians by Robert Scott Nash
v.25B - 2 Corinthians by Mitzi L. Minor
v.26B - Ephesians by Thomas B. Slater
v.26C - Philippians & Philemon by Todd D. Still
v.27A - 1 & 2 Thesslonians by Linda McKinnish Bridges
v.27B - 1 & Timothy-Titus by W. Hulitt Gloer
v.28 - Hebrews-James by Edgar V. McKnight & Christopher Church
v.29A - 1 & 2 Peter, Jude by Richard B. Vinson, Richard F. Wilson, & Watson E. Mills
v.29B - 1, 2 & 3 John by Peter Rhea Jones
v.30 - Revelation by Mitchell G. Reddish