Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Books by Kenneth Cauthen

The library has received a gift of several books by the author Kenneth Cauthen:

Rejoicing in Life's "Melissa Moments": The Joys of Faith and the Challenges of Life. Lima, Ohio: CSS Publishing, 2002.

Call No.: 252 C312r


The Ethics of Assisted Death: When Life Becomes a Burden Too Hard to Bear. Lima, Ohio: CSS Publishing, 1999.

Call No.: 174.24 C312e


The Ethics of Belief: A Bio-Historical Approach. 2 vols. Lima, Ohio: CSS Publishing, 2001.

Call No.: 241 C312e


The Many Faces of Evil: Reflections on the Sinful, the Tragic, the Demonic, and the Ambiguous. Lima, Ohio: CSS Publishing, 1997. [Note: Library also received the Study Guide for this volume which has a slightly different subtitle.]

Call No.: 231.8 C312m


Science, Secularization, and God: Toward a Theology of the Future. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1969.

Call No.: 215 C312s

Born Into the Wrong World: The Life and Thought of Kenneth Cauthen. Charleston, S.C.: The author, 2010.

Call No.: 286.1092 C312b


The Beauty of Ordinary Lives: A Son's Tribute to His Parents. Charleston, S.C.: The author, 2010.

Call No.: 929.2 C312b