Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Books - September 15

Walker, Henry. The Tao of Computing. (Jones and Bartlett, 2005) - 004 W152t

Russell, Randy and Barnett, Janet. The Granny Curse and Other Ghosts and Legends from East Tennessee. (John F. Blair, 2004, c1999) - 133.109768 R917g

Unity in Psychology: Possibility or Pipedream? / edited by Robert J. Sternberg. (American Psychological Association, 2005) - 150.1 Un3

The Future of Identity: Centennial Reflections on the Legacy of Erik Erikson / edited by Kenneth Hoover (Lexington Books, 2004) - 150.195 F989

Measuring Up: Educational Assessment Challenges and Practices for Psychology / edited by Dana S. Dunn, Chandra M. Mehrotra, and Jane S. Holonen. (American Psychological Association, 2004) - 150.71 M463

The Wisdom in Feeling: Psychological Processes in Emotional Intelligence / edited by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Peter Salovey. (Guilford Press, 2002) - 152.4 W753

Moral Development, Self, and Identity / edited by Daniel K. Lapsley, Darcia Narvaez. (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004) - 155.25 M792

Childhood and Adolescence: Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Applications / edited by Uwe P. Gielen and Jaipaul Roopnarine. (Praeger, 2004) - 155.4 W892c

Toward an Evangelical Public Policy: Political Strategies for the Health of the Nation / [edited by] Ronald J. Sider and Diane Knippers. (Baker Books, 2005) - 261.70973 T650

Shurden, Walter B. Not an Easy Journey: Some Transitions in Baptist Life. (Mercer University Press, 2005) - 286.173 Sh93n

The Social Psychology of Good and Evil / edited by Arthur G. Miller. (Guilford Press, 2004) - 303.372 So13

Country Women Cope with Hard Times: A Collection of Oral Histories / edited by Melissa Walker. (University of South Carolina Press, 2004) - 305.4092 C832

Helms, Harry. Inside the Shadow Government: National Emergencies and the Cult of Secrecy. (Feral House, 2003) - 320.973 H369i

Russell, Diane and Harshbarger, Camilla. Groundwork for Community-Based Conservation: Strategies for Social Research. (AltaMira Press, 2003) - 333.72 R912g

Lowry, William R. Dam Politics: Restoring America's Rivers. (Georgetown University Press, 2003) - 333.9162153 L955d

Wadley, Jeff and McCarter, Dwight. Mayday! Mayday!: Aircraft Crashes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 1920-2000. (University of Tennessee Press, 2002) - 363.124 W119m

Castillo, Celerino and Harmon, Dave. Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War. (Sundial, 1994) - 363.450973 C278p

Repcheck, Jack. The Man Who Found Time: James Hutton and the Discovery of the Earth's Antiquity. (Perseus, 2003) - 551.092 H979m

Rosi, Mauro et al. Volcanoes. (Firefly Books, 2003) - 551.21 V881r

Kemp, Steve. Trees of the Smokies. (Great Smoky Mountains Association, 2003) - 582.16 K320t

Bass, Bill and Jefferson, Jon. Death's Acres: Inside the Legendary Forensic Lab, the Body Farm, Where the Dead Do Tell Tales. (Berkley, 2003) - 614.1 B293d

Miller, Ronald B. Facing Human Suffering: Psychology and Psychotherapy as Moral Engagement. (American Psychological Association, 2004) - 616.891401 M617f

Houk, Rose. Food & Recipes of the Smokies. (Great Smoky Mountains Association, 1996) - 641.5976889 H814f

Wood, Ralph C. Flannery O'Connor and the Christ-Haunted South. (Eerdmans, 2004) - 813.54 Oc2wo

Rand, Ayn. Atlas Shrugged. (Plume, 1999) - 813.54 R152a

Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. (1st World Library, 2004) - 817.44 T911a

Chaucer: Sources and Backgrounds / edited by Robert P. Miller. (Oxford University Press, 1977) - 821.17 C394

The Cambridge Companion to Wordsworth / edited by Stephen Gill. (Cambridge University Press, 2003) - 821.71 C144

Christie, Agatha. Passenger to Frankfurt. (St. Martin's, 1998) - 823.912 C463pa2

Horace. Odes and Epodes. (Harvard University Press, 1995) - 874.5 H78o

Mahaffy, J. P. A History of Classical Greek Literature: The Poets. (University Press of the Pacific, 2003) - 880 M180h

Symonds, John Addington. Studies of the Greek Poets. 2 vols. (University Press of the Pacific, 2002) - 881.09 Sy6s

Renan, Ernest. The Poetry of the Celtic Races, and Other Studies. Translated by William G. Hutchinson. (Kessinger, n.d.) - 891.6 R290

Naess, Atle. Galileo Galilei: When the World Stood Still. (Springer, 2005) - 925.2 G133n

The Appalachians: America's First and Last Frontier / edited by Mari-Lynn Evans et al. (Random House, 2004) - 974 Ap48

Barnwell, Tim. The Face of Appalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Men. (Norton, 2003) - 975.68 B267f

Durham, Walter T. Josephus Conn Guild and Rose Mont: Politics and Plantation in Nineteenth Century Tennessee. (Hillsboro Press, 2002) - 976.804 D934j

Kephart, Horace. The Cherokees of the Smoky Mountains. (s.n., 1936) - J 976.889 K441c

Hood, O. C. The Cowboys of Jefferson County: An Innocent Tale. (s.n., 2003) - T 813.6 H761c