Friday, September 23, 2005

New Books - September 23

Cook, Carolyn Pierson. The Greater Tri-Cities: A Portrait of Progress. (Community Connections, 2001) - T 976.89 C771g

Hamner, M. Gail. American Pragmatism: A Religious Genealogy. (Oxford University Press, 2003) - 144.30973 H184a

Rogoff, Barbara. The Cultural Nature of Human Development. (Oxford University Press, 2003) - 305.231 R635c

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, Vol. 32: Dominican Republic; Cuba; Haiti; Guyana. (US GPO, 2005) - 327.73 Un3f

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Vol. 11: South Asia Crisis, 1971. (US GPO, 2005) - 327.73 Un3f

Comer, James P. Leave No Child Behind: Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's World. (Yale University Press, 2004) - 379.73 C734l

Hoffman, Johan; Johnson, Claes; and Logg, Anders. Dreams of Calculus: Perspectives on Mathematics Education. (Springer, 2004) - 510.71 H675d

Tijms, Henk. Understanding Probability: Chance Rules in Everyday Life. (Cambridge University Press, 2004) - 519.2 T449u

Hartquist, T. W.; Dyson, J. E.; and Ruffle, D. P. Blowing Bubbles in the Cosmos: Astronomica Winds, Jets, and Explosions. (Oxford University Press, 2004) - 523.01 H256b

DeCourten, Frank L. The Broken Land: Adventures in Great Basin Geology. (University of Utah Press, 2003) - 557.9 D359b

Rubenfeld, M. Gaie and Scheffer, Barbara K. Critical Thinking TACTICS for Nurses: Tracking, Assessing, and Cultivating Thinking to Improve Competency-Based Strategies. (Jones and Bartlett, 2006) - 610.73 R822c

Exposure: Mary Ellen Mark: Iconic Photographs. (Phaidon, 2005) - 770.92 M340e

Smith, Mike. You're Not from Around Here: Photographs of East Tennessee. (Center for American Places, 2004) - 779.367686 Sm62y

Bindas, Kenneth J. All of This Music Belongs to the Nation: The WPA's Federal Music Project and American Society. (University of Tennessee Press, 1995) - 780.7973 B511a

Miller, Richard. Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers. (Oxford University Press, 2004) - 783.04 M617s

Knickerbocker, Wendy. Sunday at the Ballpark: Billy Sunday's Professional Baseball Career, 1883-1890. (Scarecrow Press, 2000) - 796.357092 Su72k

English Romanticism and the Celtic World / edited by Gerard Carruthers and Alan Rawes. (Cambridge University Press, 2003) - 820.9 En36c

Wood, Marcus. Slavery, Empathy, and Pornography. (Oxford University Press, 2002) - 820.9355 W865s

Edinger, Edward F. The Psyche on Stage: Individuation Motifs in Shakespeare and Sophocles; Measure for Measure, Wholeness Lost and Found; Romeo and Juliet, A Coniunctio Drama; Oedipus Rex, Mythology and the Tragic Hero. (Inner City Books, 2001) - 822.33 Ed44p

Hays, Michael L. Shakespearean Tragedy as Chivalric Romance: Rethinking Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear. (D. S. Brewer, 2003) - 822.33 H334s

Auerbach, Emily. Searching for Jane Austen. (University of Wisconsin Press, 2004) - 823.74 Au34s

Menon, Patricia. Austen, Eliot, Charlotte Bronte and the Mentor-Lover. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003) - 823.8099287 M527a