Thursday, September 20, 2012

Consumer Information Catalog

Did you know you can order your own copies of certain U.S. Government publications?  These are listed in the Consumer Information Catalog. The current Summer 2012 issue is available online

Here are a few of the many publications listed:

  • Civil War at a Glance. 103X. $2.00 - This full-color map illustrates & describes major Civil War battle campaigns. 1995 DOI
  • Job Dislocation: Managing the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss. 527X. Free - Tips on how to keep finances on track, manage benefits and avoid fraud. 7 pp. FCIC
  • Diabetes Recipes. 565X. Free - Five tasty, easy recipes for diabetics. Nutrition info included. 5 pp. 2005 FDA
  • Mammography. 548X. Free - A mammogram is a safe, low-dose breast x-ray and still the best tool to detect breast cancer early. 2 pp. 2010. FDA
  • Buying Contact Lenses Online or by Mail. 543X. Free - Tips to follow when ordering contact lenses online or through the mail. 2 pp. 2010. FDA
  • Flu. 561X. Free - The flu usually appears without warning signs. Learn symptoms, types of vaccines available, who is at risk. 2 pp. 2010. FDA
  • 2012 Consumer Action Handbook. 568X. Free - Get help with purchases, problems, complaints. Lists contacts at trade associations; gov't agencies; consumer organizations. 156 pp. 2012. FCC
  • Mutual Funds: A Guide for Investors. 571X. Free - How to compare funds, what to consider before buying, how to avoid pitfalls. 28 pp. 2010. SEC
  • Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning. 583X. Free - Worksheets to help you figure out how much money you need to retire, how to mmake your funds last. 68 pp. 2010. DOL
  • Minding Your Own Business: Banking Tips for Small Companies. 601X. Free - Tips for small business owners: getting loans; paying for everyday expenses; understanding your rights, responsiblities; guarding against fraud. 8 pp. 2012. FDIC
You'll find an order form in the publication, but you can save the $2 service fee by ordering online.