Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Books Report - August 31

Mansfield, George Rogers. Origin of the Brown Mountain Light in North Carolina. (Sourcebook Project, 1971) - T 557.308 M317o

Biltmore Estate: House, Gardens, Winery. (Biltmore Estate, 1985) - T 728.8 B498

Biltmore House & Gardens. (Biltmore Estate, 1972) - T 728.8 B498b

Carter, Randy. Canoeing White Water River Guide. (Appalachian Outfitters, 1970, c1967) - T 917.55 C246c

Benner, Bob. Carolina Whitewater: A Canoeist's Guide to Western North Carolina. (Western Piedmont Community College, 1976) - T 917.56 B438c

Beeson, D. R. In the Spirit of Adventure: A 1915 Mount Mitchell Hiking Journal, May 21-24, 1915. (Panther Press, 1995) - T 917.6889 B392i

Smyser, Dick. Oak Ridge, 1942-1992: A Commemorative Portrait. (Oak Ridge Community Foundation, 1992) - T 976.873 Sm95o

Palmquist, Mike. The Bedford Researcher: An Integrated Text, CD-ROM, and Web Site. (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2003) - PR 808.020285 P185b

Dvorak, Thomas L. Best Music for Young Band: A Selective Guide to the Young Band/Young Wind Ensemble Repertoire. (Manhattan Beach Press, 1986) - 016.7851 D959b

Religion & Public Life in the Southern Crossroads: Showdown States / edited by William Lindsey and Mark Silk. (AltaMira Press, 2005) - 200.976 R279

Ohmae, Kenichi. The Invisible Continent: Four Strategic Imperatives of the New Economy. (HarperBusiness, 2000) - 382.71 Om2i

Hancock, Graham. Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization. (Crown Publishers, 2002) - 551.792 H191u

Borroff, Marie. Traditions and Renewals: Chaucer, The Gawain-Poet, and Beyond. (Yale University Press, 2003) - 821.109 B648t

Colletta, Lisa. Dark Humor and Social Satire in the Modern British Novel. (Palgrave MacMillan, 2003) - 823.9109355 C689d

Zapp, Ivar & Erikson, George. Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World. (Adventures Unlimited Press, 1998) - 913.031 Z18a

Durham, Michael S. The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: The Mid-Atlantic States. (Smithsonian Books/Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1989) - 917.40443 D935m

Wiencek, Henry. The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: Virginia and the Capital Region. (Smithsonian Books/Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1989) - 917.40443 W636v

Virginia: The Gracious Commonwealth. (Thomasson-Grant, 1987) - 917.55 V819

Appalachian Life along the Blue Ridge Parkway. (Thomasson-Grant, 1987) - 917.55 W154a

Bledsoe, Jerry. North Carolina Curiosities: Jerry Bledsoe's Outlandish Guide to the Dadblamedest Things to See and Do in North Carolina. 2nd ed. (Globe Pequot Press, 1990) - 917.560443 B615n

Fields, Jay and Campbell, Brad. The Craft Heritage Trails of Western North Carolina. 2nd ed. (HandMade in America, 1998) - 917.568 F460c

Baker, Thomas E. The Monuments at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. (s.n., n.d.) - 917.5662 B177m

Cheney, Margaret. Tesla: Man Out of Time. (Prentice-Hall, 1981) - 926.2 T284c

Carl Sandburg Home. (National Park Service, 1982) - 928.1 Sa56c2

Bauval, Robert and Gilbert, Adrian. The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids. (Three Rivers Press, 1995) - 932 B328o

Burke, John. Roman England. (W. W. Norton & Co., 1984) - 936.203 B917r

Marshall, Rosalind K. Henrietta Maria: The Intrepid Queen. (Stemmer House, 1990) - 941.062 M357h

Wilson, A. N. The Victorians. (W. W. Norton & Co., 2003) - 941.081 W691v

Laslett, Peter. The World We Have Lost. (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1965) - 942 L335w

Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts. Manuscripts and Men: An Exhibition of Manuscripts, Portraits and Pictures Held at the National Portrait Gallery, London, June-August 1969 to Mark the Centenary of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, 1869-1969. (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1969) - 942.0074 G798m

Gough, Richard. The History of Myddle. (Penguin Books, 1981) - 942.45 G726h

Parker, Rowland. The Common Stream: Two Thousand Years of the English Village. (Academy Chicago Publishers, 1994) - 942.659 P228c

Sora, Steven. The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery. (Destiny Books, 1999) - 971.623 So68l

Schultz, Eric B. and Tougias, Michael J. King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict. (Countryman Press, 1999) - 973.24 Sch82k

Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror. (Brassey's, 2004) - 973.931 Sch29i

Hathaway, Barbara. Missy Violet & Me. (Houghton Mifflin, 2004) - JF H284m [Note: This title is on reserve. It won the 2005 Coretta Scott King New Talent Award.)

Freedman, Russell. The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights. (Clarion Books, 2004) - J 782.1092 An24f [Note: This title is on reserve. It was a 2005 Newbery Honor Book.]

New Reference Books

The Individual Investor's Guide to the Top Mutual Funds. 24th ed. (American Association of Individual Investors, 2005) - R 332.6327 In2 2005

Parker, Yana. The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples (Ten Speed Press, 1996) - R 650.142 P229r

Katrina News

McNeese State University's library has published a list of sites giving news of Hurricane Katrina for Louisiana. It includes a few sites for Mississippi. Let me just add a few Mississippi sites here:

Sun-Herald (Biloxi newspaper)
Clarion Ledger (Jackson newspaper)
Hattiesburg American (Hattiesburg newspaper)
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (Tupelo newspaper)
WLBT (Jackson TV station which sent its chopper to the coast and has video available)

Those wishing to assist financially may contribute to the American Red Cross or to the North American Missions Board.

EJS Outage

From the folks at EBSCO:

EJS is currently not available due to a hardware problem caused by the power outage as the result of hurricane Katrina. We are working to correct this problem and will send out notification once this problem has been
Thank you for your patience.
EBSCO Information

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New DVDs

Some new DVDs available in the Media Center are:

La Vida Segun Muriel (Vanguard Cinema, 2000) - DVD 52
Caring for the Antepartum Patient (Medcom, 2004) - DVD 72
Dressed to Kill (MGM Home Entertainment, 2001) - DVD 59

Friday, August 26, 2005

CQ Electronic Library Change

CQ Insider will no longer be a part of the CQ Electronic Library.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Media Titles

The Art of Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace (Kantola Productions, 1992) - MVC 5126

Rama, Angel / Espejo de Escritores. Mas alla de la Ciudad Letrada (Ediciones del Norte, 200-?, c1983) - DVD 45

El Faro (Venevision International, 2004) - DVD 53

The Good Fight: Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War (Kino International, 1990) - MVC 5127

It Happened One Night (Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1999) - DVD 51

Marketplace of Ideas (films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004) - DVD 43-44

Private Benjamin (Warner Home Video, 1997) - DVD 49

Singin' in the Rain (Warner Home Video, 2000) - DVD 50

On the New Book Shelf

McMillan, Michael / Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic.NET (Cambridge University Press, 2004) - 005.117 M228o

Rosenthal, Alan / The Third House: Lobbyists and Lobbying in the States. 2nd ed. (CQPress, 2001) - 328.73078 R727t

Lynch, Vivian Valvano / Portraits of Artists: Warriors in the Novels of William Kennedy (International Scholars Publications, 1999) - 813.54 K388l