Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do You Know Who Did This?

If you know who the guilty party is, campus security would like to talk with them!

This is the view that I found when I went to my office this morning before heading over to the business division to teach a computer class.

The housekeepers were kind enough to leave it so that the librarians could see it. Fortunately, I had my digital camera with me so I took 14 shots. It took 7 people 30 minutes to clean up all the toilet paper.

One photo is of the area near the entrance to the library. The other is of the "waterfall" our little vandals created!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recent Lease Books Added

The lease books may be found on the shelves near the circulation desk.

345.766 G
The innocent man : murder and injustice in a small town / John Grisham.
978.02 S
Blood and thunder : an epic of the American West / Hampton Sides.
The audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream / Barack Obama.
Blue Christmas / Mary Kay Andrews.
The collectors / David Baldacci.
The shepherd, the angel, and Walter the Christmas miracle dog / Dave Barry.
The handmaid and the carpenter : a novel / Elizabeth Berg.
Last seen leaving / Kelly Braffet.
The Ravenscar dynasty / Barbara Taylor Bradford.
Village affairs / Cassandra Chan.
Santa cruise : a holiday mystery at sea / Mary & Carol Higgins Clark.
Echo Park : a novel / by Michael Connelly.
Treasure of Khan / Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler.
Wild fire : a novel / Nelson DeMille.
Act of treason / Vince Flynn.
Thirteen moons : a novel / by Charles Frazier.
Shadow dance : a novel / Julie Garwood.
A spot of bother : a novel / Mark Haddon.
When gods die : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery / C.S. Harris.
The shape shifter / Tony Hillerman.
True evil / Greg Iles.
Lisey's story : a novel / Stephen King.
Girl in a box / Sujata Massey.
The widow / Carla Neggers.
The body in the ivy : a Faith Fairchild mystery / Katherine Hall Page.
Cross / James Patterson.
A Christmas secret : a novel / Anne Perry.
The crimson portrait : a novel / Jody Shields.
All mortal flesh / Julia Spencer-Fleming.
H.R.H. / Danielle Steel.
Hollywood Station : a novel / Joseph Wambaugh.


Recent Additions to Special Collections

These items have been added recently in special collections.

BAPT 230.61 H596w
Who interprets the Bible for Baptists? / E. Glenn Hinson.
BAPT 234.1 N388b 2002
By His grace and for His glory : a historical, theological, and practical study of the doctrines of grace in Baptist life / Thomas J. Nettles.
BAPT 261.7 W152r
Religious liberty and church-state separation / J. Brent Walker.
BAPT 262.061 P657i
Issues testing Baptist polity / William M. Pinson, Jr.
BAPT 266.609 Ob6c
Challenges confronting Baptist missions / William R. O'Brien.
BAPT 280.973 M46h 1961
Handbook of denominations in the United States.
BAPT 286 So8
Annual of the Southern Baptist Convention.
BAPT 286.09 Sh93c
The crafts of preaching and writing Baptist history / Walter B. Shurden and Wayne Flynt.
BAPT 286.09 T445
Ties that bind : life together in the Baptist vision / Garry Furr, editor.
BAPT 286.173 B617w
Women's place in Baptist life / Carolyn D. Blevins.
T 305.805074 W729w
Walking toward the sunset : the Melungeons of Appalachia / Wayne Winkler.
T 355.3709768 W153m
Military history of the Tennessee Army National Guard : honoring Delta Company 1/278th ACR, Loudon County / by Jess Walker.
T 378 Ap5
The Appalachian
T 398.09769 R542s
Sang Branch settlers folksongs and tales of a Kentucky mountain family [by] Leonard Roberts. Music transcribed by C. Buell Agey.
T 398.209756 R542i
I bought me a dog, and other folktales from the southern mountains.
T 398.209756 R542n
Nippy and the Yankee Doodle, and more folk tales from the Southern Mountains / collected by Leonard Roberts.
T 398.209756 R542o
Old greasybeard : tales from the Cumberland Gap. / Collected and annotated by Leonard Roberts illustrated by Leonard Epstein.
T 398.209768 T857t
Tennessee legends : an analysis in terms of motifs, structure, and style / by Robert Randolph Turner.
T 398.209769 R542s
South from Hell-fer-Sartin Kentucky mountain folk tales.
T 784.1975 Ir9m
Musical instruments of the Southern Appalachian Mountains / by John Rice Irwin.
T 818.52 St92j
A Jesse Stuart reader.
T 818.52 St93c
Jesse Stuart's Kentucky.
T 917.68 M764d
Down to earth - people of Appalachia / by Kenneth Murray. Foreword by Ambrose Manning afterword by Helen Lewis.
BAPT 922.673 P926h 2002
A hill on which to die : one Southern Baptist's journey / Paul Pressler.
T 929.2 W110a
My bones are red : a spiritual journey with a triracial people in the Americas / Patricia Ann Waak.
T 974 H191
A handbook to Appalachia : an introduction to the region / edited by Grace Toney Edwards, JoAnn Aust Asbury, Ricky L. Cox.
T 975 H617m
Melungeons : the last lost tribe in America / by Elizabeth C. Hirschman.
T 975.574 Ad23h
History of Wise County, (Virginia).
T F St92he
Head o'W-Hollow.


Recent New Reference Books

R 220.92 B623b
The Bible telephone directory / by George Bloom, Jr.
R 317.3 St29
State and metropolitan area data book.
R 345.21 Un3
2000 Supp.4 v.1
United States code : containing the general and permanent laws of the United States... --
R 591 En19
Encyclopedia of the animal world / [Editorial Board: Sir Gavin de Beer, and others Managing editor: Herman Friedhoff Authors: R. McN. Alexander, and others]
R 598.29 Si11d
Distribution and taxonomy of birds of the world / Charles G. Sibley and Burt L. Monroe, Jr.
R 615.107 P569
PDR for nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs : the definitive guide to OTC medications.
R 928.082 So54
Something about the author.
R 929.37554 F699e
Early Virginia families along the James River : their deep roots and tangled branches / compiled and published by Louise Pledge Heath Foley.


Recent Acquisitions

001.942 C529a
Abducted : how people come to believe they were kidnapped by aliens / Susan A. Clancy.
005.4465 F326m
Mac OS X : the complete reference / Jesse Feiler.
005.4465 P753m2
Mac OS X : the missing manual / David Pogue.
005.7565 F474b
Filemaker Pro 5 advanced : for Windows and Macintosh / Cynthia L. Baron, Daniel Peck.
005.7565 F474h
FileMaker Pro 5 for Windows and Macintosh / Nolan Hester.
006.6869 P724h
How to do everything with Photoshop Elements 2 / David Plotkin.
006.6869 R720h
Sams teach yourself Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 in 24 hours / Carla Rose, Jennifer Fulton.
070.18 El59n
A new history of documentary film / Jack C. Ellis and Betsy A. McLane.
070.4014 L335l
The language of journalism / Melvin J. Lasky
121 C767
Contemporary debates in epistemology / edited by Matthias Steup and Ernest Sosa.
133.9013 P243w
What happens when we die : a groundbreaking study into the nature of life and death / Sam Parnia.
155.2 At81
Attachment from infancy to adulthood : the major longitudinal studies / edited by Klaus E. Grossmann, Karin Grossmann, Everett Waters.
155.937 K951o
On grief and grieving : finding the meaning of grief through the five stages of loss / Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler.
158.2 M459b
Biosociology of dominance and deference / Allan Mazur.
191.9 L585m
C.I. Lewis : the last great pragmatist / Murray G. Murphey.
193.9 L244r
Reading Walter Benjamin : writing through the catastrophe / Richard J. Lane.
201.3 R311
Research in the social scientific study of religion.
201.301 B776h
Sauver les mythes. English;"How philosophers saved myths : allegorical interpretation and classical mythology / Luc Brisson translated by Catherine Tihanyi."
208.1 B641l 1974
Widerstand und Ergebung. English;"Letters and papers from prison. Edited by Eberhard Bethge."
226.07 F193w
The Winston commentary on the Gospels / Michael Fallon.
228.07 B471 1976
The Revelation of John / translated with an introd. and interpretation by William Barclay.
228.07 B471 1976
The Revelation of John / translated with an introd. and interpretation by William Barclay.
231.7652 R894e
The evolution-creation struggle / Michael Ruse.
231.8 Y85e
Evil not from God : or, The mystery: being an inquiry into the origin of evil / by John Young.
241 K679t
Traits of character illustrated in Bible light. Together with short sketches of marked and marred manhood and womanhood, by H. F. Kletzing ... and E. L. Kletzing ...
248 L651h
The heart of Christianity / by Rev. T.S. Linscott.
248 L651h
The heart of Christianity / by Rev. T.S. Linscott.
248.32 W933t
A theology of Christian prayer / John H. Wright.
251 V312p
Pew rights : for people who listen to sermons / Roger E. Van Harn.
261.2 C462k
Christianity and the world religions : paths of dialogue with Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism / Hans Küng ... [et al.] translated by Peter Heinegg.
261.5509 Ol8s
Science and religion, 1450-1900 : from Copernicus to Darwin / Richard G. Olson.
264.001 W387w
The worship phenomenon / Robert Webber.
270 St28v
The victory of reason : how Christianity led to freedom, capitalism, and Western success / Rodney Stark.
286.1092 M355r
Daniel and Abraham Marshall : pioneer Baptist evangelists to the South / by Thomas Ray.
294.5512 H222
The Hare Krishna movement : the postcharismatic fate of a religious transplant / edited by Edwin F. Bryant and Maria L. Ekstrand.
296.45 Un3
Seder tefiloth Yiśraʼel = The union prayerbook for Jewish worship / edited and published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis.
299.93 P635n
New Age and neopagan religions in America / Sarah M. Pike.
302.222 G967n
Nonverbal communication in close relationships / Laura K. Guerrero, Kory Floyd.
302.23 D534m
Mediated : how the media shapes your world and the way you live in it / Thomas de Zengotita.
302.2345 M470w
Why TV is not our fault : television programming, viewers, and who's really in control / Eileen R. Meehan.
303.48 W951w
Why the cocks fight : Dominicans, Haitians, and the struggle for Hispaniola / Michele Wucker.
305 B458u
Us and them : understanding your tribal mind / David Berreby.
305.569 Sh64w
The working poor : invisible in America / David K. Shipler.
305.896 B561
Black cultural traffic : crossroads in global performance and popular culture / edited by Harry J. Elam, Jr., and Kennell Jackson.
306.76 W693b
Born gay : the psychobiology of sex orientation / Glenn Wilson and Qazi Rahman.
324.973 M616f
Fooled again : how the Right stole the 2004 election & why they'll steal the next one too (unless we stop them) / Mark Crispin Miller.
327.1273 N966c
The CIA's black ops : covert action, foreign policy, and democracy / John Jacob Nutter.
327.1273 T857b
Burn before reading : presidents, CIA directors, and secret intelligence / Stansfield Turner.
327.73 Un3f
1969-76 v.17
Foreign relations of the United States / Department of State, United States of America.
345.4 Un3
United States reports : cases adjudged in the Supreme Court at ... and rules announced at ...
355.113 Ex77
Ex-prisoners of war : stories of faith, integrity and courage / [compiled by Pat McGrath Avery and Christopher G. Avery edited by Joyce Faulkner layout by S. Nate Faulkner].
355.709753 H629
A historic resources study : the Civil War defenses of Washington : part II.
358.4134 As34o
Operation Dragon Comeback : Air Education and Training Command's response to Hurricane Katrina / Bruce A. Ashcroft, Joseph L. Mason.
361.74 W694u
Uplifting the South : Mary Mildred Sullivan's legacy for Appalachia / Kathleen curtis Wilson
364.1092 Ei24h
The house on Garibaldi Street / Isser Harel.
378 Ap5
The Appalachian
487.4 G846c 1988
A concise exegetical grammar of New Testament Greek / by J. Harold Greenlee.
502.85 L231f
A first course in scientific computing : symbolic, graphic, and numeric modeling using Maple, Java, Mathematica, and Fortran90 / Rubin H. Landau contributors, Robyn Wangberg ... [et al.]
510.9 Od3m
Matematica del Novecento. English;"The mathematical century : the 30 greatest problems of the last 100 years / Piergiorgio Odifreddi translated by Arturo Sangalli with a foreword by Freeman Dyson."
511.8 Ad13m
Mathematics in nature : modeling patterns in the natural world / John A. Adam.
518 P940
Problems & solutions in scientific computing : with C++ and Java simulations / Willi-Hans Steeb ... [et al.].
519.3 M522i
Introducing game theory and its applications / Elliott Mendelson.
540.78 B210e
Elegant solutions : ten beautiful experiments in chemistry / Philip Ball.
543.65 M331q
Quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry / Raymond E. March, John F.J. Todd.
613.7043 Sw13h
High school healthy hearts in the zone : a heart rate monitoring program for lifelong fitness / Deve Swaim, Sally Edwards.
614.1 P959
Psychology and law : an empirical perspective / edited by Neil Brewer, Kipling D. Williams.
650.07 Ef36
Effective methods of teaching business education in the 21st century / editor, Martha H. Rader assistant editor, Linda A. Kurth.
650.7 As74
Assessment in business education / editor: Jim Rucker, assistant editor: Ramona J. Schoenrock.
650.7 M311
Management of the business classroom
650.7 T226
Technology, methodology, and business education : 2002 yearbook / editor Ann M. Remp.
709.73 W617w
Whitney biennial 2004 / Chrissie Iles, Shamim M. Momin, Debra Singer.
759.2 F895l
Lucian Freud, 1996-2005.
791.430233 H631or
Hitchcock and twentieth-century cinema / John Orr.
791.4309415 F487
Film history and national cinema / John Hill & Kevin Rockett, editors.
791.43615 B417f
Framing monsters : fantasy film and social alienation / Joshua David Bellin.
791.4375 R272b
Black lenses, Black voices : African American film now / Mark A. Reid.
791.4572 M834s
Sesame Street and the reform of children's television / Robert W. Morrow.
792.028 T340l
Theatre and celebrity in Britain, 1660-2000 / edited by Mary Luckhurst and Jane Moody.
809.8896 W171a
At home in diaspora : Black international writing / Wendy W. Walters.
810.9 Ad31s
The slave's rebellion : literature, history, orature / Adéléke Adé̳èk̳ó.
813.36 M497bi 1972
Billy Budd / Herman Melville.
813.51 F273li 1987
Light in August : the corrected text / William Faulkner.
813.54 Al18d
Deadline : a novel / Randy Alcorn.
813.54 B726fa 1991
Fahrenheit 451 : Fahrenheit 451--the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns ... / Ray Bradbury.
813.54 B793as
As the wolf howls at my door / Chandler Brossard.
813.54 El52ma
The magic kingdom / by Stanley Elkin introduction by Rick Moody.
813.54 F528p
Pursuit : a novel / Robert L. Fish.
813.54 L779n
1916 / Morgan Llywelyn.
813.54 P947sh
The shipping news / E. Annie Proulx.
813.54 So69im
Imaginative qualities of actual things / by Gilbert Sorrentino.
813.54 So69mu
Mulligan Stew : a novel / by Gilbert Sorrentino.
813.54 So69pa
Pack of lies / Gilbert Sorrentino.
813.54 W636d
Aube. English.;"Dawn / Elie Wiesel translated from the French by Frances Frenaye."
813.54 W636n
Un di ṿelṭ hoṭ geshṿign. English;"Night / Elie Wiesel translated from the French by Stella Rodway foreword by François Mauriac preface for the twenty-fifth anniversary edition by Robert McAfee Brown."
813.6 Sh22w
Wild animus / Rich Shapero.
821.79 B581s
Songs of innocence and of experience. Introd. by Ruthven Todd.
823.809 Ar58h
How novels think : the limits of British individualism from 1719-1900 / Nancy Armstrong.
823.89 H221fa 1957
Far from the madding crowd. Edited with an introduction and notes by Richard L. Purdy.
823.912 G832h 1978
The heart of the matter / Graham Greene.
823.914 K350s
Schindler's list / Thomas Keneally.
823.91409 C748
A concise companion to contemporary British fiction / edited by James F. English.
839.3 F851a
Verhaaltjes en gebeurtenissen uit het Achterhuis. English.;"Anne Frank's Tales from the secret annex / with translations by Ralph Manheim and Michel Mok."
840.5315 F851d
Achterhuis. English;"The diary of Anne Frank : the critical edition / prepared by the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation introduced by Harry Paape
New York : Doubleday, 1989.
913.2 N391t
Tut-ench-Amun, Gott in goldenen Särgen.;"Tutankhamun and the valley of the kings / Otto Neubert."
915.694 Y35j
Jerusalem its redemption and future : the great drama of deliverance described by eyewitnesses / by Mme. Ben Yehudah, Prof. Kemper Fullerton, Prof. Edgar J. Banks ... [et al.].
917.404 B848w 1999
A walk in the woods : rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail / Bill Bryson.
940.5317 L578s
Se questo è un uomo. English.;"Survival in Auschwitz
940.5318 F851a
Anne Frank, beyond the diary : a photographic remembrance / by Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven in association with the Anne Frank House translated by Tony Langham and Plym Peters with an introduction by Anna Quindlen.
940.5318 G363a
Anne Frank remembered : the story of the woman who helped to hide the Frank family / Miep Gies with Alison Leslie Gold.
940.5318 M496n
Never to forget : the Jews of the holocaust / Milton Meltzer.
940.5318 N988a
Auschwitz : a doctor's eyewitness account / Miklos Nyiszli translated by Tibere Kremer, and Richard Seaver with a foreword by Bruno Bettelheim.
940.53185 K823t
SS-Staat. English.;"The theory and practice of hell : the German concentration camps and the system behind them / Eugen Kogon translated from the German by Heinz Norden."
940.5352 H917w
The war against Japan.
940.54 W491l
Lost hero : the mystery of Raoul Wallenberg / Frederick E. Werbell and Thurston Clarke.
940.5405 B641a
Zeugen im Auschwitz-Prozess. English;"Auschwitz trials letters from an eyewitness. Translated by Ursula Stechow."
941.508 M123ir
The Irish question : two centuries of conflict / Lawrence J. McCaffrey.
942.06 H550c
The century of revolution, 1603-1714 [by] Christopher Hill.
951.9042 Si39
Silver wings, golden valor : the USAF remembers Korea / edited by Richard P. Hallion with contributions by Ben Nighthorse Campbell ... [et al.].
960.32 M541f
The fate of Africa : from the hopes of freedom to the heart of despair : a history of fifty years of independence / Martin Meredith.
972.81016 C650b
Breaking the Maya code : with 112 illustrations / Michael D. Coe.
973.7115 B644b
Bound for Canaan : the epic story of the underground railroad, America's first integrated civil rights movement / Fergus M. Bordewich.
978.02 W253b
Buffalo Bill's America : William Cody and the Wild West Show / Louis S. Warren.


Thursday, January 18, 2007 replaces

We have some very exciting news that I want to share with the Depository Library Community. The official portal of the U.S. government is changing its name -- to is now; and FirstGov en españ is We soft launched these changes on January 11, 2007. Media launch is Thursday, January 18. We are very excited about these changes and wanted you to be among the first to know.

Check them out at <>. continues to offer the same great government services:

**Shop government auctions

**Apply for government jobs or benefits

**Contact elected officials

**Get or renew a passport

**Renew your drivers license or get vital records

**Get answers to frequently asked questions

**Find all federal, state, local government information and services

We're changing the name for many reasons, including:

***Even though we get over 80 million visitors a year, random telephone and other surveys tell us name recognition of "" is still very low

***We've found in focus groups and usability testing that "" is cumbersome to say and is difficult to remember

***The name "FirstGov" lacks meaning for our users. It doesn't intuitively reflect what the site is about -- the official web portal of the U.S. government. Some think it is a website for a bank, an insurance company, or for the "first governor."

***Spanish speakers (over 41 million in the U.S.) and speakers of other languages have a particularly difficult time with the name.

We chose and because:

**** and ("gobierno" is Spanish for "government") very clearly speaks to what the sites are --- the official web portal of the U.S. government, in both English and Spanish.

****We tested the names with many users. They agreed the names are intuitive, simple and easy to remember.

****We already know that people prefer Many of our users - who like to guess URLs -- type into their browser to get to our site (about 600,000 visits per year).

****"USA" is the term that everyone around the world recognizes for our country. Any visitor from outside the U.S. would be likely to understand what the website is.

****Both and follow the naming conventions of most other national portals

Please help us spread the word about, the U.S. government's official web portal.

Thank you all,
Bev Godwin
Director, and Web Best Practices Office of Citizen Services and Communications U.S. General Services Administration < >
1 (800) FED-INFO
Bev Godwin
Director, and Web Best Practices Federal Citizen Information Center, Office of Citizen Services U.S. General Services Administration

For all your government information needs:
Click on
or Call 1-800-FED-INFO


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Book Puzzles

Right before Christmas, this quiz was sent out to a librarians' listserv. To date, no one has solved #23. See how well you do!

Benevolent Moves Real Fast

Benevolent Moves Real Fast translates to Good Books (as in “He really books”) This will help you understand the spirit of the game. They are all titles of classic books; some might even be called great books.

  1. Bye bye three minus one two limbs
  2. Chronological condition that belongs to purity
  3. Butcher home half of ten
  4. Young raisins associated with anger
  5. Pumpernickel outside Johnny Bench
  6. Double murder one heckling fowl
  7. Fajita wrap not sharp
  8. What you hang pictures on and where lions live
  9. David’s son squared
  10. Felony without impunity
  11. Tossed yesterday da seeming tumbler
  12. Blades
  13. Hubris as well as bias
  14. Recline feminine Mr. un Mr. Curfman
  15. Hare Race
  16. Astounded purchase mirth
  17. Sob the dear land
  18. Ass after terre a drink with jam and bread
  19. The returning to consciousness
  20. Red missive
  21. Male child gets up too
  22. The dissatisfaction that belongs to us owns the coldest season
  23. 2(33-97)
  24. Consumes fires plus foliage

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