Monday, September 18, 2006

A "Novel" Approach to Reading

LINK - You no longer have the excuse that you have no time to read. Get classics delivered to you in small bits via e-mail on a daily basis. It might take a little longer to wade through that novel, but you'll eventually make it! (For example, Wuthering Heights is delivered in 145 installments.)

Friday, September 15, 2006

National Survey of Student Engagement

The results of the 2006 NSSE: National Survey of Student Engagement are now available. Sample results included in the survey are:

  • The time spent by students preparing for class each week
  • Proportion of time spent by full-time faculty on professional activity by disciplinary area
  • Proportion of class time devoted to lecturing, small group work, and experiential activities by disciplinary area

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Books

On the new book shelves:

286.1768923 F519t - Two Hundredth Anniversary First Baptist Church Morristown, TN
813.52 Al28ch – Alfau, Felipe/Chromos
813.52 Al28lo – Alfau, Felipe/Locos
813.52 St34lu – Sein, Gertrude/Lucy Church Amiably
813.54 W582me – White, Curtis/Memories of My Father Watching TV
813.54 W883w – Woolf, Douglas/Wall to Wall
813.54 W883y – Woolf, Douglas/Ya! John-Juan
823.914 L579p – Levy, Deborah/Pillow Talk in Europe
823.912 H982th – Huxley, Aldous / Those Barren Leaves
226.506 B814i – Brown, Raymond E. / An Introduction to the Gospel of John
232.8 H242j – Harris, Murray J. / Jesus as God
232.9 G174b – Gardner, Laurence / Bloodline of the Holy Grail
226.092 M369s – Schaberg, Jane / The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene
229.8 P146b – Pagels, Elaine / Beyond Belief
882.4 Ar46ac – Aristophanes / Lysistrata, The Acharnians, The Clouds
809.93522 F520 – Fisch, Harold / Poetry With a Purpose
230.0903 L763m v.2 – Livingston, James C. / Modern Christian Thought
650.7 M472 – NBEA / Meeting the Challenges of Buisness Education Through Innovative Programs
JF K334m- Kendall, Jonathan P. / My Name is Rachamim
327.5694 D293i – Davis, Helen, Davis, Douglas/ Israel in the World
909.04924 L578o- Levin, Kenneth/ The Oslo Syndrome; Delusions of a People Under Seige
239 C157p- Campolo, Tony/ Partly Right
280.409 D582p- Welch, Claude, Dillenberger, John/ Protestant Christianity
321.8 Sh29c- Sharansky, Natan/ The Case for Democracy
973.04924 T554i- Tobin, Diane, Tobin, Gary, A., Rubin, Scott In Every Tongue
956.04 B235m – Bard, Mitchell G. / Myths and Facts

JSTOR's General Science Collection has been renamed as the Health & General Sciences Collection to reflect the addition of several journals in the health sciences. With the renaming of the collection, the first three health titles are now available: American Journal of Nursing (began publication in 1900), Environmental Health Perspectives (began 1972), and the Journal of Community Health Nursing (began 1984). At least ten further titles will be added over the next two years, including Epidemiology, Epidemiology and Infection, and European Journal of Epidemiology.

New Books in Special Collections

BAPT 286 C46h – Christian, John T. / A History of the Baptist
BAPT 286.09 B434g v.1- Benedict, David A.M./ General History of the Baptist Denomination in America, and Other Parts of the World
BAPT 286.09 B434g v.2- Benedict, David A.M./ General History of the Baptist Denomination in America, and Other Parts of the World
BAPT 286.1768 B94s – P.E. Burroughs, D.D. / The Spiritual Conquest of the Second Frontier
BAPT 286.1762 B693p- Boyd, Jesse L. / A Popular History of the Baptist in Mississippi
BAPT 286.1768944 R566p – Robinson, Ralph / Paradise by Faith; History of the Shawanee Baptist Church
BAPT 248.6 W155s – Kingsbury Wallace, Helen / Stewardship in the Life of Women
BAPT 261.83 So88n c.2 – Proceedings 1971 Christian Life Commission Seminar
BAPT 254.24 F897r – Frey, L.G. / Romance of Rural Churches
BAPT 782.254 R327 - Revival Gems
BAPT 782.254 V465v – Vaughan, James D. / Vaughn’s New Revival
BAPT 782.254 B466 – Better Songs
BAPT 242.4 So13i- The Invalid’s Friend
BAPT 236.9 C236d- Carroll, B.H. / The Day of the Lord
BAPT 286.09754 R631w- Rogers, George Truett Dr. / West Virginia Baptist History 1865-1965
BAPT 286.09797 B174b - Baker. J.C./ Baptist History of the North Pacific Coast
BAPT 922.642 K755j – James, Muriel / Religious Liberty on Trial
BAPT 220.92 Oc4h – Ockenga, Harold John / Have You Met These Women?
BAPT 286.13209 M132e – McClellan, Albert / The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention
BAPT 286.209 K747h – Knight, Richard / History of the General or Six Principle Baptist, in Europe and America
BAPT 261.72 R279 – Proclaiming the Baptist Vision Religious Liberty
BAPT 261.85 D922e – Dunn, James M. , Loring, Ben E. Jr., Strickland, Phil D./ Endangered Species
BAPT 241 C462i – 1975 Christian Life Commission Seminar Proceedings
BAPT 225.92 K969w - Kuyper, Abraham / Women of the New Testament
BAPT 220.92 M846w – Morton, H.V. / Women of the Bible
BAPT 922.673 F496d- McLeod Bryan, G. / Dissenter in the Baptist Southland
BAPT 286.10631 L89b - Townley Lord, F. / Baptist World Fellowship
BAPT 277.31 B561- McCall Emmanuel L. / Black Church Life-styles
BAPT 922.608 H650b- Hoadley, Frank T., Browne, Benjamin P. / Baptist Who Dared
BAPT 248.843 W842- Women on the Pilgrimage; crisis/choice/change
BAPT 261.7 G767c- Grant, Daniel R. / The Christian and Politics
T 270 Sch1h v.1. – Schaff, Philip,D.D./ History of the Christian Church
T 270 Sch1h v2-3– Schaff, Philip,D.D./ History of the Christian Church

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Books

The following new books can be found in the alcove area by the entrance of the library on the New Books shelves.

813.52 M785sp – Moore, Olive/Spleen
813.54 B696K – Boylan Roger/Killoyle
813.54 C789n – Coover, Robert/A Night at the Movies
813.54 D753H – Dowell, Coleman/The Houses of Children
813.54 D753t – Dowell, Coleman/Too Much Flesh and Jabez
813.54 El52f – Elkin, Stanley/The Franchiser
813.54 El52g – Elkin, Stanley/George Mills
813.54 Sh35j – Sheehan, Aurelie/Jack Kerouac is Pregnant
813.54 Sp11co – Spackman, W.M./The Complete Fiction of W.M. Spackman
813.54 W671e – Williams, Diane/Excitability
813.912 H982ti – Huxley, Aldous/Time Must Have a Stop
818.52 B261l – Barnes, Djuana/Ladies Almanack
823.914 L579b – Levy, Beborah/Billy and Girl
823.914 N721b – Nolledo, Wilfrido/But for the Lovers

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Few More New Books

These are shelved in the alcove area near the main entrance of the library.

230.01 G931f - Guarino, Thomas G. Foundations of Systematic Theology.

277.3082 Sw35a - Sweeney, Douglas A. The American Evangelical Story: A History of the Movement.

297.23 C771c - Cook, David. Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature.

813.54 G215w - Gass, William H. Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife.

813.54 R251fr - Reed, Ishmael. The Free-Lance Pallbearers.

813.54 R251la - Reed, Ishmael. The Last Days of Louisiana Red.

813.54 R251re - Reed, Ishmael. Reckless Eyeballing.

813.54 R251ye - Reed, Ishamel. Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down.

813.54 So69ab - Sorrentino, Gilbert. Aberration of Starlight.

813.54 So69bl - Sorrentino, Gilbert. Blue Pastoral.

813.54 So69cr - Sorrentino, Gilbert. Crystal Vision.

813.54 So69sk - Sorrentino, Gilbert. The Sky Changes.

813.54 So69sp - Sorrentino, Gilbert. Splendide-Hotel.

813.54 So69st - Sorrentino, Gilbert. Steelwork.

813.54 W671r - Williams, Diane. Romancer Erector.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications Maintenance

The maintenance date for the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
(CGP)( has changed to Friday, September 8, 2006. This change in schedule will enable GPO to test our disaster recovery process in addition to the maintenance of the database. The schedule is as follows:

Users will be able to access the Catalog until 6:00 EST pm Friday night.

For 1 hour on Friday night from 6:00 pm until approximately 7:00 pm, the Catalog will be unavailable.

From 7:00 pm Friday night September 8, until 8:00 pm on Sunday, September 10th, users will have unlimited access to the Catalog.

From 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Sunday, September 10th, the Catalog will again be unavailable. Access to the Catalog will be restored at approximately 10:00 pm on Sunday, September 10.

Yet More New Books

Can you tell that we've been catching up on the processing backlog from this summer? These new books are generally located in the new book section of the alcove area inside the front entrance of the library. Once they have been checked out, they are removed to the general collection. We do move books every few weeks to make room for additional titles!

INDEX 016 B644 2006 #3 - Book Review Index - Vol. 42, no. 3 (2006)

R 345.22 T256a 2006, no.3 - Tennessee 2006 Advance Code Service (June 2006)
R 345.22 T256t COURT 2006 - Tennessee. Court Rules Annotated. (2 vols.)

201.4 P442c - Peters, F. E. The Children of Abraham.
202.3 G694d - Goss, Robert E. and Klass, Dennis. Dead but Not Lost: Grief Narratives in Religious Traditions.
208 B644w v.1 - The works of Abraham Booth. (vol. 1)
220.601 P363i - Pelikan, Jaroslav. Interpreting the Bible and the Constitution.
226.06 St26j - Stanton, Graham N. Jesus and Gospel.
286.173 L552b - Leonard, Bill J. Baptists in America.
294.307 C869 - Lopez, Donald S. Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism.
296.092 H452c - Chester, Michael A. Divine Pathos and Human Being: The Theology of Abraham Joshua Heschel.
297.272 Sa16f - Saeed, Abdullah and Saeed, Hassan. Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam.
297.3822 M725s - Mohamed, Mamdouh N. Salaat: The Islamic Prayer from A to Z.
305.8 R623w - Roediger, David R. Working toward Whiteness: How America's Immigrants Became White.
599.2 T977l - Tyndale-Biscoe, Hugh. Life of Marsupials.
779 H872p - Peterson, Larry Len. L. A. Huffman: Photographer of the American West.
813.52 B261n - Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood: The Original Version and Related Drafts.
813.52 C677s - Coleman, Emily Holmes. The Shutter of Snow.
813.52 Y86m - Young, Marguerite. Miss MacIntosh, My Darling. (2 vols.)
813.54 B954h - Burton, Gabrielle. Heartbreak Hotel.
813.54 C859s - Crawford, Stanley. Some Instructions.
813.54 D859c - Ducornet, Rikki. The Complete Butcher's Tales.
813.54 D859f - Ducornet, Rikki. The Fountains of Neptune.
813.54 D859j - Ducornet, Rikki. The Jade Cabinet.
813.54 Ea77b - Eastlake, William. The Bamboo Bed.
813.54 Ea77c - Eastlake, William. Castle Keep.
813.54 El52c - Elkin, Stanley. Criers & Kibitzers, Kibitzers & Criers.
813.54 El52d - Elkin, Stanley. The Dick Gibson Show.
813.54 El52l - Elkin, Stanley. The Living End.
813.54 H313w - Hawkes, John. Whistlejacket.
813.54 K855p - Keraf, Elaine. The Princess of 72nd Street.
813.54 M341to - Markfield, Wallace. To an Early Grave.
813.54 M342r - Markson, David. Reader's Block.
813.54 M423si - Mathews, Harry. The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium.
813.54 M423t - Mathews, Harry. Tlooth.
813.54 M552d - Merrill, James. The (Diblos) Notebook.
813.54 M619b - Millhause, Steven. The Barnum Museum.
813.54 Se36j - Seese, June Akers. James Mason and the Walk-In Closet.
813.54 Z84c - Zukofsky, Louis. Collected Fiction.
813.6 B793m - Brosnan, Meredith. Mr. Dynamite.
823.914 F467n - Figes, Eva. Nelly's Version.
823.914 G138f - Galloway, Janice. Foreign Parts.
823.914 G138t - Galloway, Janice. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing.
823.914 G791p - Gray, Alasdair. Poor Things.
823.914 M853c - Mosley, Nicholas. Children of Darkness and Light.
863.64 Sa55m - Sanchez, Luis Rafael. Macho Camacho's Beat.
933.02 W694c - Wilson, Kevin A. The Campaign of Pharaoh Shoshenq I.

More New Books

Here are a few more books recently added. Most can be found on the new book shelves in the alcove area near the front entrance of the library.

133.43 M451w - Maxwell-Strut, P.G./ Wizards A History
152.43 C174t - Capps, Donald/ A Time to Laugh, The Religion of Humor
200.19 H761p - Hood, Jr., Ralph W, Hill, Peter C. & Williamson, W. Paul/ The Psychology of Religious Fundamentalism
200.93 R279 - Johnston, Sarah Iles/ Religions of the Ancient World a guide
201.5 M367w - Marty, Martin E./ When Faiths Collide
201.723 D675 - Bucar, Elizabeth. M and Barnett, Barbra/ Does Human Rights Need God?
201.764 R279 - Owens, Erik C., Carlson, John D. & Elshtain, Eric P./ Religion and the Death Penalty; A Call for Reckoning
202.3 Se371 - Segal, Alan F./ Life After Death
204.0973 Sch54r - Schmidt, Leigh Eric/ Restless Souls; The Making of American Spirituality
221.6 Sm62m - Smith,Mark S./ The memoirs of God
221.609 B471 - Henze, Matthias/ Biblical Interpretation at Qumran
222.53092 So47br - Brueggemann, Walter/ Solomon; Isreal’s Ironic Icon of Human Achievement
225.6 F118 - McKnight,Scott & Osborne, Grant R./ The Face of New Testament Studies; A Survey of Recent Research
225.92 P281cr - Crossan, John and Reed, Jonathan/ In Search of Paul
230 In1f - Inbody, Tyron/ The Faith of the Christian Church An Introduction to Theology
230.4 C144 - Mckim, Donald K./ Casmbridge Companion to John Clavin
230.09031 C144 - Bagchi, David and Steinmetz, David C./ Reformation Theology- Cambridge Companion
230.61 D954s v.2 - Watson, JoAnn Ford/ Selected Spiritual Writings of Anne Dutton; Discourses, Poetry, Hymns, Memiors
231.09 K146d - Karkkainen, Veli-Matti/ The Doctrine of God
232 B942j - Burridge, Richard and Gould, Graham/ Jesus Now and Then
232.9 F899j - Freyne, Sean/ Jesus a Jewish Galilean
248 P442c - Peterson, Eugen H./ Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places; A conversation in spiritual Theology
248.22 D759i - Downing, David C./ Into the Region of Awe; Mysticism in C.S. Lewis
261.26 C439c - Chilton, Bruce D. and Neusner Jacob/ Classical Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism.
261.55 M178d -McGrath, Alister Dawkins’ God Genes Memes, and the Meaning of life
261.8088 M720 - Modern Catholic Social Teaching
261.833151 G288 - Genocide In Rowanda Complicity of the Churches?
270.1083 B179w -Bakke, O.M./ When Children Became People
271.009015 H22d - S.J. Harmless, Willam/ Desert Christians
280.042 N720i - Noll, Mark A., Nystrom, Carolyn/ Is the reformation Over?
280.4 L668d - Lippy, Charles H./ Do Real Men Pray?
292.08 M589an - Mikalson, Jon D./ Ancient Greek Religion
296.31174 Im7 - Katz, Steven T./ The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Theology
297 As51n - Aslan, Reza/ No God but God; The Origins, Evolutions and Future of Islam
297.93 G184b - Garlington, William/ The Baha’I Faith in America
299.2 D493d - Dever, William G./ Did God Have a Wife?; Archaeoloy and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel
345.11 Un3u v.118 - United States at large. Public Laws (4 vols.)
345.4 Un3 v.544 pt.2 - Wagner, Frank D./ Official Reports of the Supreme Court
353.03 Un3i5 - Clinton, William J./ The Cumulated Indexes to the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States 1993-2001
363.702 B813v 2006-07 - Vital Signs 2006-2007
610.73072 AN78 v.24 2006 - Annual Review of Nursing Research Vol. 24
714.67 p341b - Graphis Brochure No. 5
813.54 B261n - Barnes, Dajuna/ Nightwood
813.54 B728m - Ray Bradbury
813.54 D753i - Dowell, Coleman/ Island People
813.54 D859p - Ducornet, Rikki/ Phosphor in Dreamland
813.54 E152b - Elkin, Stanley/ Boswell
813.54 E152m - Elkin, Stanley/ The MacGuffin
813.54 E152r - Elkin, Stanley/ The Rabbi of Lud
813.54 Ea771 - Eastlake, William/ Lyric of the Circle heart
813.54 M423h - Matthews, Harry/ The Human Country
813.54 M380a - Maso, Carole/ The American Woman in the Chinese Hat
813.54 R251te - Reed, Ishmael/ The Terrible Twos
813.54 R338u - Reyoung / Unbabbling
813.54 Z99g -Zwiren, Scott/ God Head
813.54 Sch88n -Schutt/ Christine/ Nightwork
813.54 So69s - Sorrentino, Christopher/ Sound on Sound
823.914 B790a - Brooke-Rose, Christine/ Amalgamemnon
823.912 G822d - Green, Henry/ Doting
R 343.029 C355 2006- Chambers USA America’s Leading Lawyers for Business
R 345.22 T257a 2006 no.1 - Tennessee Code Annotated 2006
R 345.21 Un3 2000, Supp.3 - United States Code (vols. 4 & 5)
R 928.082 So54 v.168------ Something About the Author v. 168

Recent Additions

This is the first of several lists of new books recently added to the library. Most can be found on the new book shelves in the alcove beside the main entrance.

BAPT 248.4 M346r – Marney, Carlyle/The Recovery of the Person

R 371.425 Un3 2006-07 – Occupational Outlook Handbook
R 419 St45a – Sternberg, Martin/American Sign Language
R 928.082 So54 v.167 – Something About the Author Volume 167

200.19 H761p – Hood, Hill, and Williamson/The Psychology of Religious Fund.
200.835 Sm53s – Smith with Denton/Soul Searching
200.904 C768 – Lewis and Petersen/Controversial New Religions
204.2 H747 – Patton and Hawley/Holy Tears
204.0973 Sch54r – Schmidt, Leigh/Restless Souls
220.13 B833b – Brueggemann, Walter/The Book that Breathes New Life
220.93 D298s – Davis, Thomas/Shifting Sands
221.609 B471 – Henze, Matthias/Biblical Interpretation at Qumran
221.95 Sp26a – Sparks, Kenton/Ancient Texts for the Study of the Hebrew Bible
222.53092 So47br – Brueggemann, Walter/Solomon
229.8 G694 – Kasser, Meyer and Wurst/The Gospel of Judas
230.61 D954s v.1 – Watson, JoAnn/Selected Spirituals Writings of Anne Dutton
231.8 C863d – Crenshaw, James/Defending God
241.66 K124s – Kalbian, Aline/Sexing the Church
248 P442c – Peterson, Eugene/Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places
261.7 H444f – Hertzke, Allen/Freeing God’s Children
261.835766 B319c – Bates, Stephen/A Church at War
262.10973 W781w – Witham, Larry/Who Shall Lead Them
270.82 An23i – Anderson, Allan/An Introduction to Pentecostalism
277.3083 H247r – Harrison, Milmon/Righteous Riches
280.4 L668d – Lippy, Charles/Do Real Men Pray?
286.1092 R193ev – Evans, Christopher/The Kingdom is Always but Coming
286.1092 T435w – Williams, Michael/Isaac Taylor Tichernor
289.9 D347 – Stephenson, Denice/Dear People Remembering Jonestown
299.2 D493d – Dever, William/Did God Have a Wife?
302.23 F313 – Cole and Daniel/Featuring Females
302.2345 P236c – Parks, Lisa/Cultures in Orbit
305.8 C882m – Cronon, E./Marcus Garvey
322.10973 H279r – Hasson, Kevin/The Right to be Wrong
323.042 O18w – Olson, Crawford, and Deckman/Women With a Mission
327.73 Un3f 1969-76 v.6 – Foreign Relations of the US v.VI
330.9792 Ar69g – Arrington, Leonard/Great Basin Kingdom
336.17 C624s – Clotfeiter and Cook/Selling Hope
372.86 K541s – Spalding, Kelly, Santopietro, and Posner-Mayer/Kids on the Ball
372.868 Ov2i – Overby, Post, and Newman/Interdisciplinary Learning through Dance
374.0124 B868 – Linder, Sampson, Dugan, and Brancato/Building Bridges to Literacy
576.8 Sco83e – Scott, Eugenie/Evolution vs. Creationism
770.92 F736j – Fontcuberta, Joan/Landscapes without memory
792.028 T696s – Trauth and Stroppel/Sonia Moore and American Acting Training
792.62071 K154d – Kassing and Jay/Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design
813.54 D148s – Diatch, Susan/Storytown
813.54 D597s – Dimock, Peter/ A Short Rhetoric for Leaving the Family
813.54 L826m – Loewinsohn, Ron/Magnetic Fields
813.54 M317t – Mano, Keith/Take Five
813.54 M334a – Marcus, Ben/The Age of Wire and String
813.54 M341t – Markfield, Wallace/Teitlebaum’s Window
813.54 M342s – Markson, David – Springer’s Progress
813.54 M342w – Markson, David/In the Beginning Sometimes I Left Messages
813.54 M423s – Mathews, Harry/Singular Pleasures
813.54 R251t – Reed, Ishmael/The Terrible Threes
813.54 Si41j – Sima, Carol/Jane’s Bad Hare Day
823.42 B813j – Brown, John/John Bunyan
823.912 C763co – A Conrad Argosy
823.912 C763no – Conrad, Joseph/Nostromo
823.912 D772co – Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan/The Complete Sherlock Holmes
823.912 Oc5on – O’Connor, Frank/An Only Child
823.912 Oc5st – Steinman, Michael/A Frank O’Connor Reader
823.914 D424c – Dennis, Nigel/Cards of Identity
938.07 L245a – Fox, Robin/Alexander The Great
973.922 G367p – Giglio, James/The Presidency of John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catalog of Government Publications Downtime

The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) at will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable beginning 6:00 pm Thursday, September 7, 2006 until approximately 12:00 pm (noon) Friday, September 8.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All You Can Read

An interesting library comic!

By the way, visit the library to see a display of librarians' suggested reading! You may check out books that are in the display!

STAT-USA Changes

From a press release:

State of the Nation's "Current Versions of America's Top 50" files now offer pop-up boxes that describes the corresponding report. The descriptions vary in length, but all provide an overview of the report, how it’s compiled, its release schedule (weekly, monthly, et cetera) and the source agency.

Country Studies Country Profile Reports have been added to the International Trade Library in GLOBUS & NTDB. They provide brief, summarized information on a country’s historical background, geography, society, economy, transportation, telecommunications, government and politics, and national security.

  • The International Trade Update Newsletter has been added to the International Trade Library.
  • Older Country Background Notes have been removed so it is now much easier to find the country information you’re interested in.
To read the complete article, please click on